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VSA250755N slewing ring bearing SE.6.25.0755 G1 JINB

 VSU201094 slewing ring bearing SU.6.20.1094 JINB

Slewing bearing No.VSA250755N
Outer   diameter (O.D.)[mm]898
Inner   diameter (I.D.)[mm]655
Bore diameter   of outer ring[mm]753
Outside   diameter of inner ring[mm]757
Overall   height[mm]80
External bolt   circle diameter[mm]816
Number of   bolt hles24
Internal bolt   circle diameter[mm]695
Number of   bolt hles24
Bolt hole   diameter[mm]22
Bolt size[mm]M20
Height of   outer ring[mm]71
Height of   inner ring[mm]54
Gear P.C.D.[mm]882
Number of   Teeth98
JINB slewing bearingSE.6.25.0755 G1

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