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VLU200944 slewing ring bearing VU.20.0944 JINB

 VLU200944 slewing ring bearing VU.20.0944 JINB


Slewing bearing No.VLU 20 0944
Outer   diameter (O.D.)[mm]1048
Inner   diameter (I.D.)[mm]834
Bore diameter   of outer ring[mm]945.5
Outside   diameter of inner ring[mm]942.5
Overall   height[mm]56
External bolt   circle diameter[mm]1020
Number of   bolt hles16
Internal bolt   circle diameter[mm]862
Number of   bolt hles20
Bolt hole   diameter[mm]18
Bolt size[mm]18
Height of   outer ring[mm]47.5
Height of   inner ring[mm]44.5
Gear P.C.D.[mm]/
Number of   Teeth/
Height of   flange ring[mm]12
JINB slewing   bearingVU.20.0944


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